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Warm congratulations on our company won the high-tech enterprise certificate
On December 28, 2017, our company obtained a high-tech enterprise certificate jointly issued by the Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, the Shandong State Taxation Bureau, and the Shandong Local Taxation Bureau. The award of the certificate not only proves the strength of the company, but also promotes the company to a broader world.
Xinhengji sincerely invites you to participate in the 20th Shanghai FIC Exhibition
Liaocheng Xinhengji Biotechnology Co., Ltd. participated as scheduled this year. The stylish design of the booth and the open style of construction will attract more customers to visit.
New Henderson Biotechnology Co., Ltd. solemnly held the "Northeast · North China VIP Association"
New Henderson Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Jin Dong thanked all customers and made a report on the company's current situation and development prospects, and will begin to establish a long-term and stable strategic partnership with everyone.
New Henderson in August, beautiful blooming
August is the season of alternating summer and autumn. The growth of everything shows the most beautiful bloom, the sun is safe, and the years are quiet. The rainy season is about to pass, and the air has been washed away and clear. The corner of the world of New Henderson has a different scenery.
2015 New Henderson Sales Team Taishan Competition-Unity is power!
On July 11, 2015, the new Henderson sales team assembled at the foot of Mount Tai and began a day of athletic development training. The team is divided into seven groups, namely the Ares, Dragons, Sole Climbing Team, War Wolf, Tigers, Red Bulls and Flying Eagles. Everyone is full of passion and ambition.
The company carries out onboarding training for new employees-the dream is actually very close to you!
"TO BE IS TO DO!" If you want to realize your dreams, you must take action. The gap between dreams and reality is the driving force for progress! Young people, I hope you will make rapid progress on the platform of New Henderson. New Henderson will help you realize your dreams and continue writing more magnificent chapters of your life!
New Henderson Biotechnology Co., Ltd. participated in the 19th FIC Exhibition as scheduled
Of course, the FIC exhibition also made Xinhengji Biotechnology Co., Ltd. known to more people. Every year at the FIC exhibition, the company will display its own products, products covering the essence of Chinese food additives, attracting the attention of many other companies, and received unanimous praise and appreciation from new and old customers. This year our company has also launched new products with new Henderson characteristics, and has been selling well in many provinces. I hope new and old friends will give you more guidance. New Henderson will always be your delicious guide.
New Henderson Biotechnology Co., Ltd.'s new plant officially put into operation
In 2014, New Hengji Biotechnology Co., Ltd. built a new site in Guantangqiao South, Yanggu County, covering an area of more than 100 acres, and established a new R & D and production office platform, introduced advanced equipment, and possessed a high-standard production workshop in the industry The humanized office and beautiful and clean courtyard environment were officially put into operation on October 19.
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